My Big Beautiful Wedding Dress

Kev_Molly_CleoOn the 23 rd May 2014, my husband Kevin and I celebrated 11 years of marriage. During that time, we, as a family, like everyone else, had our ups and downs. There were lots good times and plenty of good old fashioned fun with our two children Mollie & Cleo as they grew up, but we also had our fair share of dark times.

My health has always been a real concern and after the birth of our daughter Cleo it deteriorated beyond comprehension. But we managed, with the help of family and friends to lead a relatively normal family life. October 2002 marked the darkest period in our lives with the death of our 3rd daughter Poppy, followed by a period of chronic illness, with, for a long time, no specific diagnosis and a poor prognosis. In a bid to provide stability for the children, should the worst happen, we got married. Organised in just 2 weeks, with less than 10 people present, it was hardly the fairytale wedding – but it was something we felt we should do and it secured our children’s future.

Fast forward 11 years, my health had stabilised and I had learned how to live with the now diagnosed chronic illness that would be my lifelong partner. Kevin and I were still very much a couple, raising our two wonderful girls and I had a new “baby” in my life that kept me focused and refused to allow me time to dwell on the past or my health.

STUDIOThe “baby” was called Curves & Couture. Built by Kevin, from my vision, that he somehow understood, a chic, modern and spacious bridal studio emerged (in just 6 weeks) from what was originally a bright yellow, rectangular pod. With my loyal friend and confidant Alison & a huge leap of faith we created and nurtured C & C and watched it blossom into the success that it is today.

My one regret was not having the wedding that I would have liked and that Kevin deserved. So, after shedding 12 stone in weight and getting as fit as my health would allow, we decided to renew our marriage vows.

J0_Kev_AliSo, on our 11th Wedding Anniversary , surrounded by family and friends we celebrated with a civil ceremony to reaffirm our vows. With the dress of my dreams, designed and made by the amazing Jason Jennings, Kev and I finally had our day – our way !

I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many great wedding suppliers that I can call my friends, all of whom were instrumental in making our day so special.

As we always ask our brides to share with us, photos of their special day, I would like to share a few photos of our day.